Breast Cancer Support Services

The breast cancer treatments that we provide at Saint Vincent Medical Group extend beyond just the physical diagnosis and treatment of the cancer itself. We also provide breast cancer support services in Worcester and central Massachusetts to treat all aspects of our patients’ health, including their dietary needs, emotional health, and management of conditions related to their breast cancer. Our on-site breast cancer support services include:

  • On-site cancer dietician: A dietitian is an essential part of the breast cancer treatment plan. Our on-site cancer dietitian can provide guidance for patients who have received a breast cancer diagnosis. This includes choosing the best foods to eat to keep the body healthy while fighting cancer, the best things to eat when experiencing feelings of unwellness from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or side effects of the breast cancer, as well as what kind of diet to follow after cancer treatment has been completed.
  • On-site cancer social worker: Our oncology social worker provides support for other aspects of a patient’s life that are affected by their breast cancer diagnosis, such as their self-image, work life, family life, social life, and their approach to everyday living. A cancer social worker can provide assistance with obtaining access to mental health counseling, support groups, transportation to and from treatments, and applying for financial assistance. Providing care for all aspects of a breast cancer patient’s life, and not just the treatment of their disease, helps to increase the likelihood of a positive health outcome.
  • On-site lymphedema certified occupational and physical therapists: Lymphedema is a condition that can occur in breast cancer survivors where the lymph vessels are not able to adequately drain lymph fluid. This is a chronic condition, and patients with this condition can benefit from occupation and physical therapy. Our therapists help patients manage this condition and improve their mobility, properly care for their wounds, and manage the condition through manual lymph drainage, use of compression garments, and education in self-drainage techniques.
  • Cancer support groups: We provide care for our breast cancer patients that extends beyond treating the physical aspects of their disease, including breast cancer support groups. The groups are a safe place for patients to talk about their worries and struggles, and exchange ideas for how best to manage them. Benefits of our breast cancer support groups include:
    • Providing a place where patients can connect with other people who have gone through a similar experience, helping them to feel less isolated
    • Providing a place where individuals who have had similar experiences can exchange tips, advice, and ideas
    • Providing a place that gives breast cancer patients or survivors the opportunity to help their peers

Our goal is to help our patients manage all aspects of breast cancer, not just the treatment of the physical disease itself. Saint Vincent Medical Group provides breast cancer support services in central Massachusetts to give our patients the most comprehensive care possible. Call us at (888) 353-1932 to learn more about all of our breast health services.