Highly Specialized Female Breast Surgeons

At Saint Vincent Medical Group, we believe that a patient relationship is a partnership that spans a lifetime, and that the key to good health is two-way communication between healthcare provider and patient. Our highly specialized Worcester female breast surgeons and all of our other healthcare providers strive to provide patient-centered care that includes patients and their families as part of the care team, acting as equal members in the decision-making and treatment process.

Our breast surgeons in central Massachusetts are dedicated to providing compassionate and skilled care to our patients. They are committed to treating each patient as an individual, recognizing that they are a person beyond their diagnosis. They understand that a breast cancer diagnosis is an experience that can cause a lot of uncertainty and worry, and they provide treatment that is not only focused on the disease, but on the patient who is being treated. The patients in our care are supported and competently cared for throughout their surgical procedure and all of the other aspects of their treatment.

In addition to our skilled breast surgeons, we offer a high risk breast program and genetic screening. Patients are seen in this program when they have concerns about their risk for developing breast cancer. A comprehensive family history called a genetic pedigree along with a full risk assessment are performed in order to create a plan for monitoring and screening a patient who may be high risk for genetic cancers.

The breast surgeons and the rest of the healthcare professionals at our practice provide treatment that is not only skilled, but also compassionate. When it comes to your breast health, along with all other aspects of your health, look no further than Saint Vincent Medical Group. Call us today at (888) 353-1932 for more information or to schedule a consultation with our specialists.