Multidisciplinary Breast Conference

The Worcester breast team at Saint Vincent Medical Group are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care possible to patients with breast cancer. With this goal in mind, we host a weekly multidisciplinary Breast Tumor Board. This meeting is attended by breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, nutritionists, rehab specialists, and social services professionals from our organization.

During this meeting of our central Massachusetts breast providers, all of our newly diagnosed cancer patients are presented along with their history, disease presentation, breast imaging, and breast pathology. All of the members of the conference are invited to weigh in with their thoughts on the best course of treatment, and a consensus on the best course of care is created. This is not limited to just medical treatment, but also includes coordinating aspects such as managing transportation to doctor’s appointments, deciding on a treatment schedule, and any other support services that may be needed. The conference board can even play a role in helping to make sure doctors are aware of any clinical trials that a patient may be eligible for. Each patient’s privacy is honored during these meetings, with only the professionals who are involved in their care being part of the conference.

While some organizations host generic tumor boards at which many types of cancer are discussed, our multidisciplinary breast conference is specifically dedicated to breast cancer treatment. By making the care of our patients a collaborative effort, we are able to develop the best plan for all aspects of their treatment, helping us to work towards the best outcomes possible for them. When it comes to your breast health, along with all other aspects of your health, come to the caring and experienced physicians at Saint Vincent Medical Group. Call us today at (888) 353-1932 to learn more or to schedule a consultation.